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The JAVS FlexMic comes equipped with 2 tri-colored LED indicators that can be switched between the colors red, yellow, and green to indicate any type of event that is currently underway. Each microphone can be configured independently of other microphones, allowing the integrator to choose which microphone should provide notifications to the user. In addition, each microphone can be configured to flash any of the three built-in colors at variable speeds.

Polar Pattern

The JAVS FlexMic provides multiple patterns so JAVS installers can precisely tailor the polar pattern for the best performance depending upon the application or environment.

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Key Features

  • Shielded RJ45 connector for audio, serial controls, and power
  • Tri-Colored Programmable Indicator Lights with variable flashing speeds and assignable colors
  • Touch Capacitive, Programmable push button for Push Once to Talk, Hold to Talk, Push Once to Mute, or Hold to Mute
  • Programmable Microphone Patterns, including:
    • Omnidirectional
    • Subcardiod
    • Cardioid
    • Supercardioid
    • Hypercardioid
    • Bidirectional
  • Bottom and rear Connector Access
  • Powered from Centro A/V Processor
  • RFI and ESD protection
  • EIA/RS 422 full duplex communication port
  • On-board microphone preamplifier
  • Embedded resistors for microphone failure detection
  • RoHS compliant
  • Shock-absorbing foam pad

JAVS FlexMic

The JAVS FlexMic pictured above is a high quality professional boundary microphone with a host of software programmable features designed for the JAVS Centro Audio/Video Processor (AVP), including: customizable colored light indicators; a configurable, feather-touch push button; and programmable microphone patterns.