Dungeon System


You will find the NPC that allows you to enter the instances in the temple on -2 levels.

An item and money are required to enter the instances.

You can enter solo or in a group. Each time you pass the difficulty level, a new harder is unlocked. Higher levels increase opponents' HP and damage, but also gives more gold, experience and loot chances.

Difficulties will be unlocked after each defeat of the previous difficulty.
Each next one increases the strength of the opponents, but also rewards such as gold and materials for improvement.

Each difficulty level gives us better Attributes Values for BOSS drop items.
Difficulty Master drop EPIC+ Rarity items.
Difficulty Master drop LEGENDARY+ Rarity items.
Difficulty Master drop HEROIC+ Rarity items.
The higher the difficulty level, the more weapons have Attack and equipments has Armor!


RAID These are Dungeons but require a minimum of 4 players and are more difficult than regular dungeons.
We can get higher tier items on them than are available on hunting grounds.
Boss items are even more powerful than regular dungeons!
Example: Raid at level 400, we can get Tier III and Tier IV items with more powerful attribute values ​​from it
Normal to Expert drop Tier III Master and higher drop Tier III and Tier IV!